Chiropractor In Florence Uses Rehabilitation To Help Patients Manage Pain

At Advantage Health and Wellness Center we take physical rehabilitation very seriously, in fact, we focus on being the best at it. From the evaluation to the diagnosis and down to all our physical medicine treatments, you can be certain that you will be getting only the best care every step of the way. Give us the opportunity to heal your disabilities and disorders with our unique and all natural approaches in Physiotherapy.

Your condition will be thoroughly assessed by our team of health specialists. It will include a review of your medical history and enhanced by a comprehensive physical examination. These two elements are crucial in effectively diagnosing your condition. In some cases, we may also employ some diagnostic tests in order to further the accuracy of your results.
Our team of specialist will then determine the best kind of treatment for you based on our findings. We understand that each patient has very unique needs based on his or her profile. This is where various physiotherapeutic methods are designed and applied. Included in our wealth of programs and techniques are cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and other physiotherapy methods. We pride ourselves in employing the latest and most updated techniques as we know that the field of physical medicine is constantly evolving.

Our specially trained staff of physiotherapists, massage therapists and spinal rehabilitation specialists come together to help improve the function and the movement of your body. They focus on the rehabilitation of your balance, posture and physical mobility and concentrate on techniques to take the pain and fatigue away. Included in our physical therapy programs is a comprehensive and educational module about physical problems, a specially customized exercise program to address your needs. This set of exercises pay special attention to increasing energy and enhancing your mobility. We use only the latest in mobility tools and adaptive equipment so you can be certain that your journey towards a better functioning body will be hands-on, safe and effective.