Back Pain & Neck Pain

Florence Chiropractic Clinic Helps Alleviate Back Pain and Neck Pain by Targeting the Cause

Total wellness means freedom from pain and Advantage Health and Wellness Center has been helping patients alleviate pain for the past 50 years. Our Florence chiropractic center has been particularly successful in treating and alleviating neck pain and back pain with individualized treatment plans designed for each patient’s specific needs. Rather than masking the pain with drugs, our chiropractors target the cause of the pain and aim to correct it. Our treatments focus on natural healing with the main goal of helping the body restore itself the way it was meant to do.

Neck Pain and Back Pain Include Whiplash and Other Personal Injury

Two of the top causes of pain our Florence chiropractor sees are whiplash and other personal injury with side effects that can include headaches and migraines. Such injuries can damage muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues in the neck and upper back from the sudden thrusting of the neck upon impact. Sprains, strains, and spasms from overworked muscles and ligaments can develop small tears that also lead to pain. Sometimes a major injury is not to blame, but an awkward twist or movement that leads to painful, tight, and swollen back muscles.

Subluxations and herniated discs can also be behind back and neck pain. Subluxations are a misalignment of the bones in the spine that can result in pain and inflammation. Herniated discs, also called bulging discs, are those that have protruded out of their normal alignment. Herniated discs can result in pain radiating to other parts of the body.

Neck Pain and back pain can also stem from health conditions, poor posture, and stress. Conditions may include arthritis, fatigue, or chronic back pain. Poor posture is especially common for people who work hunched over a computer all day. Stress causes muscles to tighten and constant tightening of the muscles, particularly those in the back, can lead to chronic pain.

Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain & Back Pain

Our Florence chiropractor can treat pain in the neck and back with chiropractic techniques, physical therapy, physiotherapy, or a combination of methods. A spinal alignment is often successful for alleviating neck and back pain, as well as related headaches and migraines, as it restores the spine to its natural position. Other treatment options include use of our on-site physical therapy facility or cutting-edge medical techniques from our chiropractor.

Advantage Health and Wellness Center offers joint injections, all-natural anti-inflammation treatments and physiological therapeutic procedures consisting of traction, muscle and neural stimulation, massage and manual therapy. Each visit to our Florence chiropractic clinic begins with an examination and evaluation so our chiropractor can effectively determine the cause of pain. Our personalized treatment plans then help correct the cause, alleviate the agony, and get patients down the path of total wellness.